Treatment Procedures

International Treatment Protocol

In our international treatment protocol for Adult Stem Cells, we are providing basically two same day medical procedure methods.

  • Own stem cell from Adipose Tissue or Bone Marrow as a medical procedure.
  • Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cell from Umbilical cord tissue (Wharton Jelly) as a medical procedure (Presently Indian Clinics and US clinic in Nevado Only).

For some conditions, we are adding Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the blood of patients in order to increase the potential of Stem Cell Treatments.

Own stem cells, when harvested from adipose tissue (Fat), are collected via mini-liposuction whereas Bone Marrow stem cells are harvest mainly from hip bones and the sternum.

Both harvesting methods are well managed as a medical procedure by our experienced clinic partners.

Cultured Mesenchymal stem cells are supplied by our Indian partner to clinics in India and Internationally where expanded MSCs can be used in local stem cell treatment procedures. Cultured MSCs (Batch size: about 25 Million MSCs) are coming with a certificate of Analysis covering all international quality and safety standards.

For the patient's safety, all 0ur Stem Cell treatments will take place in internationally accredited hospitals and clinics where patients will have access to all specialized departments & specialist doctors.

Besides the treatment with stem cells, we provide Integrative Medicine Therapies, PEMF therapies, Laser Therapies especially for cancer treatment as well as Nutritional and Tibetan Medicine Therapies in selected hospitals and clinics.

Since October 2017 we are providing also a revolutionary Heart Bypass Surgery, in our partner clinic in India,  with a special technique for Key hole heart bypass surgery internationally known as "Nambiar Technique" by Dr. Pradeep Nambiar, MS, FRCS, FRCSC (Canada).