Treatment Concept

Treatment Concept

We believe that maintenance of our body is an essential instrument to stay healthy while aging. We have developed a comprehending holistic “maintenance concept” which includes stem cell treatment, and various Complementary and Alternative Medicine, so-called CAM therapies, which can support longevity and health for many years to come.

Stem cells, are the building blocks of our body, better, of life in general, and have the tremendous promise to help us, to understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries, and other health-related conditions.

What research has been discovering in recent years is that we are regenerating our body completely, more or less, every seven years. For this process, our body is using stem cells, every day, every second, of our life, and those stem cells are produced in our body naturally. The primary source of supply is our Bone Marrow. When looking at the graph beside, we quickly will understand that the “raw material” in our stem cell factory, called bone Marrow, is somewhat limited and as a result, we have not sufficient stem cells to fight against diseases or the aging process over time in our body. Good news is that we can help our body with injecting adult stem cells to increase this needed supply to improve the fight against diseases and aging.

For this fight, we can harvest regenerative cells called MesenChymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from Bone Marrow, Adipose Tissue, Peripheral Blood and Umbilical Cord & Blood. Those stem cells can then either be used after minimally processed at the bed site, directly at the patient or after cryopreserved and expanded at a time in a life of a patient when needed.

Critical clinical trials, involving stem cells, are underway for many conditions and researchers continue to explore new avenues using stem cells in medicine. Most of these new avenues involve, however, highly manipulated cell and gene technology, which will take many years with the present regulatory understanding in some Western Countries, before it can be applied to humans to treat their medical conditions.

Many Asian countries, but also a few Western Countries have adjusted their regulation and separated drug treatments from treatments as a medical procedure.

Point of Care treatments, is a medical procedure for a single individual, with the responsibility of the physicians performing this procedure in an ambulatory clinic setting. There is no industrialized process involved to mass-market the cellular treatment or cells, but to use those personalized cells for the individual only.

According to estimates, there are thousands of stem cell treatments performed every month globally with next to none serious side effects. More than 1,5 Million people already may have experienced improved quality of life with stem-cell therapy in the last few years, and treatment with stem cells in Point of Care settings are growing globally exponentially.

Certain regulatory, and industry related sources consider the Point of Care treatment with stem cells as risky. Compared with even approved drug treatments, wherein the USA alone, more than hundred thousand of patients die every year due to reported complications, there had been only a few reported, but not deadly, medical incidents, with stem cells.

We, with our various global clinic partner, are providing patients with well documented investigational, patient funded state of the art medical treatments to improve quality of life and reduce ailments from which they are suffering.

Conditions we are treating can be explored at the various pages of our websites, but are not limited to those mentioned, as our research-oriented partners are developing new treatment concepts continuously.

We also enclose various peer-reviewed documents in our sites, reviewing and documenting, that treatment with stem cells performed in those countries, where stem cell therapy as a medical procedure is permitted, is safe as shown in many anecdotal cases, and often has helped to improve the condition and Quality of Life of many patients.

In our stem cell therapy, we inject stem cells via IV or directly to support regeneration of diseased or injured tissues.

After our medical team has evaluated the medical data of a patient, we will decide on the best possible treatment for the condition in question. The treatment cost depends upon the disease and its actual progression. CellularStem offers cost-effective and affordable stem cell treatment package without compromising on a high-quality treatment performance with expanded umbilical cord-derived Mesenchymal stem cells.

Why Stem Cells

Stem cells are the ‘building blocks’ of a human cellular structure, and the repair team to regenerate injured parts of the body. As the “raw material, mesenchymal stem cells ” in our stem cell factory, called bone Marrow, is somewhat limited we have not sufficient stem cells to fight against diseases or the aging process over time in our body.

Injecting stem cells supports the regeneration process, and as they have a so-called naturally homing capability, i.e., they go in general but especially after injection automatically to places where there is an injury, they have the potential to treat many different diseases and conditions, especially those, which cannot be treated further and successfully with traditional medical methods.

CellularStem with its affiliated clinic partners provides innovative therapy with highly qualified mesenchymal stem cells isolated from Indian umbilical cord tissues.

Stem Cell Delivery Method

In accordance with our treatment protocols, various methods of administering stem cells are used that are minimally invasive and highly effective. A combination of the methods ensures the best approach for both safety and effectiveness. The physician-in-charge will prescribe the specific delivery method and schedule after the face-to-face consultation on arrival of the patient.