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The cellular theory of aging suggests that the process of aging is the inability of our cellular structure and it's stem cells to restore and to maintain the original function of tissues and organs. Therefore at least at this moment, aging cannot be avoided, but it may be deferred!

The following table shows the development of stem cells while aging. Therefore, it is suggested that with the decreased number of stem cells, our body is not able to fight the wear and tear situation, which is coming with aging.

Many biological theories of aging have been proposed. The Cellular clock theory, by Leonard Hayflick (1977) suggests that cells can divide a maximum number of about 50 to 100 times and that, as we age, our cells become less capable of dividing.

In 1990, Dr. Harley and colleagues published a ground-breaking paper in the journal Nature connecting this lesser capability of dividing of cells to the fact that when a cell divides an element at its DNA, called telomere, is shortening. This shortening of the telomeres is apparently resulting in aging in human cells. More recently, studies have linked telomere length also to many chronic age-related conditions, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infections, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, even with some forms of cancer.

Discoveries related to telomeres, aging, and health have been so significant that Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn received the shared 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work in this field.

As we are following the research of stem cells with our cooperation partners, healthy aging is one of our primary targets to improve maintenance of our cellular structure.

Enjoying the quality of life and being happy while aging is what we target to bring to our patients. So, what is the latest science, besides a healthy lifestyle and qualified exercise of living longer and healthier? Stem cells, can repair the damaged tissue and increase the tissue regeneration process. Moreover, they may slow down the cell death process.

Here are the main ingredients of our treatment philosophy:
  • Increase the number of stem cells in your body.
  • Improve your telomere structure in your body
  • Improve the immune system in your body
  • Improve the inner self via meditation and sacred knowledge of Tibetan Ayurveda wellness therapy.
How can we do this? Here are our two very natural suggestions:

Participate in our cellular treatment program where we increase the number of stem cells in your body, via Mesenchymal stem cells harvested from your bone marrow, and adipose tissue (fat) or use expanded mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cords, besides using special proprietary treatments to improve your immune system and cellular structure. We suggest expanded Mesenchymal stem cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue, as those stem cells are not aged, like other adult stem cells, and may represent potentially the highest potency of stem cells.

Become a member of our Lifestyle changing program Shambhala, where we in our partner Monastery in the Himalayas expose you to the science of happiness with Buddhist meditation, experience the cleansing of the inner self, the healing of the body through meditation, and the sacred knowledge of the Tibetan Ayurveda wellness therapy.

Meditation promotes a positive psychology, naturally, as found out by scientists at the University of California, helping people to maintain well-being and cope with stress. It was also revealed that fundamental goals of the meditation practice, like helping to promote longevity, are related to improving telomerase function in immune cells.

There are many new insights in Neuroscience and one of our favorite reviews about  "Making your Mind Matter" is the talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza, exploring how changes in the mind via meditation are changing the pattern in the brain. Enjoy the video!

It appears that our mind´s well-being can impact our physical health and that finding ways to increase our sense of well-being can have a healing and preserving effect on our physiology.

My name is Falk,
and very clearly, meditation is working!!

I am 71 years young, having still 14 plus hours working exposure to cellular and stem cell activities helping others and practice daily 20 minutes Buddhist typed meditation as seen in the picture beside.

When you enjoy, what you are doing, having found the purpose of life for yourself, while answering the question "WHY"? , You will enter the positive emotion we have described in the "Science of Happiness"! Combining the “Science of Happiness Philosophy” with modern cellular treatment will support your longevity and healthy condition while aging in a way never experienced before.

If you like to get more details of our “Science of Happiness” program including cellular treatments in India, please kindly contact us or send me a personal email, I will reply within latest 48 hours.


Namaste, is an exceptional and intense form of respect for humanity when greeting someone. By bringing the hands together in front of your chest, bowing your head and closing the eyes, it helps the mind to increase the inner flow of energy, experiencing DIVINE, spiritual love being infinite in nature and unconditional, expressing your happiness!


Clinical Trials, Studies & General Information

According to statistic, in December 2017 there had been 324 trials for Aging registered.

6 studies mentioned stem cell treatment studies.

AGING  - Stem Cell Research & Medical Publication

Can Young Stem Cells Make Older People Stronger?

Small trials using younger donors and elderly recipients hint that mesenchymal stem cell transfers might reduce frailty.
By Shawna Williams | December 11, 2017

AGING  - Stem Cell Research & Medical Publication

S. Golpanian et al., “Allogeneic human mesenchymal stem cell infusions for aging frailty,”
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 72:1505–12, 2017.

AGING  - Stem Cell Research & Medical Publication

B.A. Tompkins et al., “Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate aging frailty: A Phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial,”
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 72:1513–22, 2017.

AGING  - Stem Cell Research & Medical Publication

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment Proves Effective In Human Trials by  JohnZambis   Oct. 26, 2017

Additional INFO:

Two studies investigating the effects of anti-aging stem cell treatments have been proven effective and remarkably safe in human trials according to New Atlas.

"The results of two human clinical trials into a stem cell therapy that can reverse symptoms of age-associated frailty have been published, and the indications are that this landmark treatment is both safe and strikingly effective in tackling key factors in aging. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a particular type of adult stem cell generating a great deal of interest in the world of science. MSCs are currently being trailed as treatment for no less than a dozen different types of pathological conditions from cancer to heart disease."

There need to be two larger randomized studies prior to FDA approval, but both studies led to the following results:

In the first trial 15 frail patients received a single MSC infusion collected from bone marrow donors aged between 20 and 45 years old. Six months later all patients demonstrated improved fitness outcomes, tumor necrosis factor levels and overall quality of life."

The second trial was a randomized, double blind study with placebo group. Again no adverse affects were reported and physical improvements were noted by the researchers as "remarkable".

Joshua M. Hare, Director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine said and one of the scientists who worked on the study said:

"With the aging of the population, stem cells hold great promise to treat aging-related disability and frailty, improving physical capacity and quality of life."


Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment Proves Effective In Human Trials
by JohnZambis - Oct 26, 2017