Heart Bypass Surgery

Revolution in Heart Bypass Surgery - Nambiar Technique

A special technique internationally known as "Nambiar Technique" by Dr. Pradeep Nambiar, MS, FRCS, FRCSC (Canada) for a less invasive Key hole heart bypass surgery is provided in our partner clinic in India.

 The Key Hole Heart Bypass technology by Dr. Nambiar is revolutionary as follows:

  • Both internal Mammary arteries from inside the chest used for multi vessel / triple vessel heart bypass on “Beating Heart”.
  • Single 2 inch cut under the left breast
  • No cutting of the middle bone of the chest.
  • No usage of leg veins which gets blocked in 10-12 years.
  • Internal Mammary arteries last for more than 25-30 years.
  • Named and validated by International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (ISMICS) – Journal of Innovation (USA)
  • Dr. Nambiar has successfully conducted more than 900 cases using this technique in India with a career total of over 7500 successful cases in USA/India
The Advantages of NAMBIAR Heart Bypass Surgery are:
  • Small Incision/Hairline Scar/Painless
  • Discharge from hospital in 3 days
  • Back to active work in 10 days
  • Low risk of infection, bleeding & blood transfusion.
Bypass Surgery  - NAMBIAR  Treatment Publications

Innovations (Phila). 2013 Nov-Dec;8(6):420-6. doi: 10.1097/

Minimally invasive coronary bypass using internal thoracic arteries via a left minithoracotomy: "the Nambiar Technique".

Nambiar P1Mittal C.