CAM & Surgery

Our Alternative treatment philosophy 

A major revision in the life sciences, illuminates the formerly hidden connection between mind and body. The “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. According to new scientific insights, only 1% of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99% is directly attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment.

Well, even if the number attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment is considered by some scientists too high it clearly shows that the influence of our environment towards our health can be considered as extremely important.

In our holistic approach we are reviewing the condition of a patient first with his standard medical information like a blood test, X-Rays, MRI, etc., and secondly with systems analysing the bioelectric signals in the body. This gives us a deeper understanding of the potential root cause of the condition. Frequencies are considered by various scientists as the language of cellular communication, and potentially many diseases can be treated with the appropriate current intensities and frequencies. According to this theory, certain frequencies can be assigned systematically to certain symptoms.

CAM and Stem Cell Treatment

Based on the information gathered by the medical team, we then develop a treatment strategy with can include one or more of the below-mentioned therapies:

Heart Surgery

In our alternative treatment philosophy, we are also providing the revolutionary Key hole heart bypass surgery technique, internationally known as "Nambiar Technique" being safe and much less invasive. This treatment is performed by the inventor of the technique Dr. Pradeep Nambiar, MS, FRCS, FRCSC (Canada) in one of our partner clinics in India.

Equipment & Stem Cell Training

Laboratory and stem cell treatment equipment, as well as training for physicians to engage in qualified stem cell treatments, is provided with our international and Indian Partners.